Have a very lovely korean men filled day.

Meet the Blogger

Name: Savannah

Nickname: Banana or Sav

Birthday: It’s at the end of June

Height: I;m almost 5’6”

Time Zone: I always got to watch the Disney shows first so i think it’s East Central

What time and date is it there: September 30th, 10:16pm

Average hours of sleep I get every night: haha sleep? probably 4 hours on weekdays. And on weekend maybe 7 hours.

The last thing I googled was: Chinese characters cause I was too lazy to remember how to write them :D

My most used phrases: “I’m hungry” “I’m tired” “我的丈夫是吴亦凡”

First word that come to mind: I hate my orthodontist

What I last said to a family member: Lets buy the cupcakes on Friday” To which my mom said “No, lets get them Thursday” and I said "Yeah that’s what I meant"

One place that makes me happy and why: My bed, I do my most productive thinking there.

How many blankets I sleep under: 2 and half, cause I have a baby blanket. His name is “Blankie”

Favorite beverages: Water

The last movie I watched in cinema: The Boxtrolls. OMG it was the cutest thing I have ever seen and I was crying like the whole time.

3 things I can’t live without: Food, Korean Ballads, Family

Something I plan on learning: I wanna learn Korean and hopefully improve my Chinese

A piece of advice for all of my followers: My friend died this week so I want to give some advice on grieving: Don’t ever feel guilty for how you react to someones death. Because everyone reacts differently. If you don’t shed a tear? that’s okay. If you grieve for a longer period than everyone else? that’s okay. And if you accept the death faster than most? that’s okay! Not many people understand death like I do. It’s the inevitable fate of every living thing. It’s okay to grieve when someone or something dies. But in the end you should know that the situation can only get better in the end. And one last tip; grieve with others. As weird as it sounds a funeral isn’t for the deceased person, it’s to help all those still alive cope together. If any of you guys need to talk, know I’m here for you! But right now I’m grieving so I would appreciate some support…

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I’m too lazy for this

Hit shuffle on your iPhone, media player, iPod, whatever. No skipping! Pass it on to 10 people then! I was tagged by the lovely iri-sistible =.=

So most of my songs are Chinese and I ain’t providing links because idk how I found them!

1.Exo-M Love Love Love

2.Wonder Girls Nobody

3.Exo-M 十二月的奇迹

4. 郁可唯-伤不起

5.郁可唯- 时间煮雨

6.G.E.M 泡沫

7.G.E.M 喜歡你


9.Exo-M What Is Love

10.Exo-M Machine

Okay lets review: I’m really into Chinese music. Which is weird cause on my phone I listen to Chinese but at home It’s all Korean =.=

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Let the games begin~

sment is the real fake of 2014

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what a BUNNY!!

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I'm sick of this superficial social justice movement


I’m sorry, but I’m really disgusted with some of these so called politically correct, social justice people online, especially the people who find the need to make everything a race issue. I saw the post where people were blasting Justin Timberlake for tweeting to Madonna “A Happiest of Bdays to…

namoo kkun


it’s all fun and games until your bias reveals their ideal type

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i want to be one of those blogs that receives cute messages every day 

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What you read is what you feed to your soul...

What I read:

Gay Porn. Fanfiction. Gay Porn. Fantasy Book. Gay Porn. Magic Book. Gay Porn.